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Tammé Dawson is a character in GLOW. She is played by Kia Stevens.


Tammé's eldest son has just started at Stanford Medical School. In the ring, Tammé adopts the persona of The Welfare Queen, an angry black woman stereotype who wields food stamps. Her character thinks the general public is stupid for going out every day and working for the man, while she lets the government pay for everything and lives like a queen.

Prior to auditioning for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, she had only had minor background roles on programs such as Gimme a Break!. She worries about what her son might think about her portraying a stereotypical character like the Welfare Queen, but Sam Sylvia convinces her that true art requires risk. ("The Dusty Spur")

She also previously worked as an audience coordinator for Family Feud. ("Candy of the Year)

She suffers back problems and turns to pills and alcohol to try to block out the pain. This is eventually discovered and the other members of GLOW realize that she can't continue without getting help. She ends up becoming a wrestling manager instead.

Her finisher is the Airplane Spin, she is the Current GLOW Champion.