Rhonda Richardson is a character in GLOW. She is played by Kate Nash.


Rhonda is a print model from England who joins the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Nicknamed "Britannica" due to her heritage and love of literature, she strikes up a strange romantic relationship with Sam Sylvia.

Her wrestling personality is a scientist who is self-dubbed "Britannica, the Smartest Woman in the World." She wears a white lab coat and is introduced holding a beaker. The name originates from Encyclopedia Britannica.

She eventually ends her relationship with Sam and marries Sebastian "Bash" Howard in order to have a green card to be allowed to stay legally in the United States. ("Every Potato Has a Receipt") The two, however, come to genuinely love each other. They later learn from Bash' mother, Birdie Howard, that their marriage unlocked Bash's unfettered access to his full fortune of 40 million dollars. ("Hollywood Homecoming")

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