Randy Eagan is the young son of Debbie Eagan and Mark Eagan.


Debbie is separated from when GLOW travels to Las Vegas. She misses him deeply, though she makes regular flights back to Las Vegas to visit him. She is deeply upset when she misses his first steps, though she makes Mark by a camcorder in order to record such firsts so that she can watch them later. ("Hot Tub Club")

When Bash decides to extend GLOW's stay at the Fan-Tan Hotel & Casino from three months to a full year, she seriously considers quitting the group in order to be together with her son. ("Freaky Tuesday") On the advice of her fellow stars, Debbie decides to stay with GLOW and bring Randy with her to Vegas. ("Outward Bound")

In Vegas, Randy takes a shine to the hallway outside of Debbie's room in the Fan-Tan and it becomes his favorite play area. One evening, he sneaks on the elevator and heads down the casino floor. There, he is picked up by a man named J.J. McCready, whom Debbie hits it off with and goes on a date with. ("Hollywood Homecoming")


  • Randy was portrayed on GLOW by an un-credited child actor.
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