"Perverts Are People, Too" is the fifth episode of the second season of GLOW. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall. It was released via Netflix on June 29, 2018.


Patio Town pulls it's sponsorship of GLOW after the chair incident, low viewership ratings, and disagreements with the PSA. Sam, Debbie, and Bash explore story ideas to follow up the kidnapping angle, but leave Ruth out of the meeting.

Ruth meets with Tom Grant, the K-DTV president, only to be sexually harassed by him while demonstrating some of her wrestling moves. Frightened, she walks out on him.

Bash, Carmen, and Rhonda look for Florian at a gay bar. Bash goes to Birdie's house to look for him but is unsuccessful. He finds out that Florian had stopped by to borrow money for traveling.

The next day, everyone finds out the show has been buried at a new 2:00 A.M. time slot. Ruth confides in Debbie and tells her that this was probably Grant's way of getting back at her. Debbie angrily tells Ruth that she should have at least flirted and played along to save the show.

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