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Mark Eagan is a character in GLOW. He is played by Rich Sommer.


Mark is Debbie Eagan's husband. He has an affair with Ruth Wilder. He and Debbie have a son, Randy.

Debbie is shocked by his affair and separates from him, taking Randy with her. Shocked by this, he tracks her down to the gym where she and the other girls are training for GLOW and serves her divorce papers. ("Live Studio Audience") He later admits that he didn't really mean to divorce her and was just angry. He begins seeing a therapist and tries to rekindle his relationship with her, as they were trying to start a family, but somehow drifted apart. ("Maybe It's All the Disco")

The two are again separated when the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling move to the Fan-Tan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He does not come with her and she eventually brings Randy to the hotel as well. While there, she strikes up a relationship with a rich financier named "J.J." McCready that lasts for many months, though Mark is apparently unaware of it.