Sam Silvia: Based on a true person? Edit

The project is labeled as a comedy, starring Allison Brie, but the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was actually a real thing. So is Marc Maron's character from GLOW, Sam Silvia based on a real person? Not exactly. Although GLOW was an actual television show, the characters in the Netflix series merely use its predecessor for inspiration without specifically basing them on actual, real-life people. For example, Marc Maron is playing Sam Silvia, the director of GLOW, who is described as being a "washed-up, B-movie director who must now lead this group of women and a journey to wrestling stardom."

Here's The Fact! Edit

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However, the real creator of the original GLOW wasn't named Sam at all. He was Matt Cimber, an Italian-American director. He might have been B-list back then, but he had a long and pretty successful career as a director. He did mostly blaxploitation films, which Samuel L. Jackson has called some of his favorites. Quentin Tarantino also said that Cimber's films were some of his favorite movies. Cimber was married a few times, but one of his ex-wives was Jayne Mansfield. If that's washed up, what's successful?

Check out Netflix's GLOW trailer here!

GLOW - Official Trailer -HD- - Netflix

GLOW - Official Trailer -HD- - Netflix