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Jenny Chey is a character in GLOW. She is played by Ellen Wong.


Jenny is an immigrant of Cambodian heritage, but wrestles under the Chinese-centric name of "Fortune Cookie."

Her finisher is a Headscissors Takedown.


During a camping trip with her fellow members of GLOW, she reveals that that she and her family were in Cambodia at the time of the Cambodian Civil War. Melrose failed to understand why she would be upset playing a character like Fortune Cookie, not understanding what she had gone through.

The group has a campfire Seder she is talking about herself being named the wicked child at her family Seders when Jenny decides she's had enough and tries to leave. When she does Melrose reminds her that the Seder is a parable of the Jews exit from slavery in Egypt. Arthie further explains this as a reflection of the immigrant experience, the first generation suffers and wanders the desert while the Promised Land is for their children.

Dawn and Stacey say that the story is just about a bunch of Jews a billion years ago. Melrose reminds them that trauma and mass oppression are a still a recent story for the Jewish People. Melrose reminds them of the Holocaust--which had only ended 40 years prior--and tells the group that her own Aunt Pestel and her eight children died in a concentration camp and how her father refuses to buy a house without an attic or a basement just in case they have to hide again. 

Jenny speaks up from the stillness and describes for the group her experiences: 

"We hid on a boat. We were pretty lucky. My dad, he, uh, he knew somebody at the embassy. So... we got one of the last flights out on a US military plane that had dropped off all this rice. My dad's brother was with us. But...everyone else we knew died. Every relative. Every friend. Everyone. So... I understand what it's like to survive a genocide and not talk about it all the time. The killing fields. I mean, it's the whole reason I'm even here in the first place. I get to of the lucky ones. Like, really, really, really lucky. And now I'm jumping out of a fortune cookie every night pretending like everything's fine."

A new understanding brings the girls closer together than ever.