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Florian is a 25 year old male with brown eyes and a brown, styled mullet. He is often seen wearing suit jackets and necklaces, sometimes in combination.


Butler for Sebastian Howardin Season 1 and Season 2 of GLOW. The two have been friends since childhood and both have a keen interest in wrestling, which is partly what leads Bash to create the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Flor leaves Bash at the beginning of season two after they get into an argument.

After Flor leaves in season two, Bash goes looking for him. He ends up at a gay bar run by Flor's friend where it is fully revealed that Flor is queer. Although Bash doesn't find him here, the owner tells him that Flor talks about him often.

At the end of season two, Bash gets a phone call from a hospital in San Fransisco to tell him that Florian has passed away from AIDS, though his death is described as, 'technically, from pneumonia,' by the nurse. Presumably because of a lack of knowledge on how HIV spreads, Bash has the mansion he and Flor lived in deep cleaned and burns all of Flor's belongings.



It is heavily implied that Florian and Bash have a relationship that goes beyond friendship, although its parameters are unclear. Some speculate that they were sexual partners due to their closeness and Bash's non-heterosexuality, while others describe them as having a strong platonic relationship akin to brothers because of their long friendship. It seems most likely that they had a form of romantic connection that was either requited and reciprocated or left unrequited, with Bash reevaluating his feelings for Flor throughout the show.

The signs pointing towards this include Bash's family butler Gary's tactful response to his concern for Florian, Bash's connection of wrestling with both homoerotic imagery and Flor and Flor listing Bash as his emergency contact in hospital. The last implies that Flor saw Bash as closer to him than his mother, though Bash says she should be the one making funeral arrangements.