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"Every Potato Has a Receipt" is the tenth and final episode of the second season of GLOW. It is the twentieth episode of the series overall. It was released via Netflix on June 29, 2018.


Justine goes back to Sacramento with Rosalie. Ruth tries to find a way into the shows finale, but it's awkward with her broken leg. Instead Sam makes Ruth the show's co-director.

Bash struggles to come to terms with Florian's death. Later at the strip club, Sam discovers that Arthie has developed a romance with Yolanda after filming a waltz from the previous episode.

While planning the wedding, Ruth tells Sam that she has slept with Russell.

The GLOW finale takes place and the wedding is held in the ring. Before Rhonda and Cupcake exchange their vows, Bash suddenly objects to the marriage and proposes to her. Rhonda agrees to marry Bash, and Cupcake is immediately ejected from the ring.

The ladies compete to get the bouquet and become the GLOW Crown. Debbie, Carmen, and Sheila are the last ones standing when Big Kurt Jackson and Chico Guapo interrupt the match. The three ladies teach the men a lesson by throwing them out of the ring before resuming the fight for the bouquet.

Finally, Ruth flies from the ceiling, eliminate the trio from the ring, and wins the GLOW crown. After the show ends, Glen reveals that GLOW is property of K-DTV which prevents other networks from picking them up. However, Ray, the owner of a strip club chain who was in the audience, offers to have GLOW do its shows at the Riviera in Las Vegas.The ladies say goodbye to their loved ones before they board the bus and off to Las Vegas.


  • While episodes of the series normally have a runtime of about 30-35 minutes, this second season finale runs 46 minutes.[1]

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