Cherry Bang is one of the main characters of GLOW. She is played by Sydelle Noel.

Cherry's finishing move is an Axe Kick, she is the most experienced GLOW Wrestler


Cherry Bang is a stuntwoman and B-movie actress. Her career has stalled, forcing her to join the ranks of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. In addition to starring with the group, her knowledge and skills lead Sam Sylvia to give her the role of wrestling coach, in place of Salty Johnson.

In Season 2, she is replaced by Yolanda, a lesbian stripper, as Junkchain so Cherry can star in a different TV show. Sam helps her realize that this show is not for her and she comes back to GLOW. Upon returning, she creates the character Black Magic.

She is married to Keith Bang, but after a failed attempt to conceive a child, she realizes that she is worried about what a pregnancy would do to her career. This causes a rift which leads her husband to separate from her. He eventually returns and they reconcile, with him suggesting that they might adopt a child instead.

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