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Carmen Wade is one of the main characters of GLOW. She is played by Britney Young.


Carmen is the youngest daughter of a famous wrestling dynasty. Her family warned her off a career in professional wrestling, but the lure of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was too much.

She meets Ruth Wilder during the initial casting call for GLOW and Ruth is initially cut in favor of her, leading to some friction. Both, however, ultimately end up becoming part of the final team.

Prior to joining GLOW, she has never performed in front of a live audience. The pressure initially gets to her, causing her to flee before she even enters the ring and then pass out. ("Live Studio Audience")

She gets a tip from Ruth, to pick out one thing in the audience and concentrate on it order to keep her fears at bay. The tip works and she is finally able to perform. ("Money's in the Chase")

Her finishers are a Powerbomb and Avalanche Splash.

Following the end of GLOW's show at the Fan-Tan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Carmen left the group to tour with her brother, Big Kurt Jackson.

Behind the scenes

  • Though the Carmen Wade character left GLOW at the end of the third season of GLOW, actress Rebekka Johnson (Dawn Rivecca) indicated that if the program were to be renewed for a fourth season, there would likely being a storyline which depicted her activities on the road.[1] A number of fans tweeted support for the idea of a spin-off series featuring Carmen and her brothers, which actress Britney Young stated she would be on-board with.[2]

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