Billy Offal is a teenage pizza delivery boy.

On Netflix's GLOW, he is portrayed by Casey W. Johnson


Justine Biagi meets him when he delivers pizza to her and Arthie Premkumar's hotel room. She likes him, but can't quite bring herself to ask him out or even really talk to him. He makes the first move instead by writing his name and phone number on one of the pizza boxes - 818-238-5564. She still can't bring herself to call, so Arthie does instead and leaves them alone. ("Debbie Does Something")

The two quickly begin dating, however, their relationship hits a snag when he insults Sam Sylvia as a hack, not realizing that Sam is Justine's father and she idolizes him. ("This Is One of Those Moments")

He is the lead musician in a band named Shitpope and hires Justine to hawk his merchandise. ("Candy of the Year")

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