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Arthie Premkumar is a character in GLOW. She is played by Sunita Mani.

Her finisher is "The Beirut Bomb", a Somersault Senton.


A cash-strapped medical student, the Indian-American Arthie joins the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling under the name of Beirut the Mad Bomber.

Her character is a stereotypical Muslim terrorist, which she dislikes, as she herself is not Muslim. She tries to reinvent herself as "Phoenix," only for her transformation concept to be stolen by Dawn Rivecca and Stacey Beswick when they transform themselves from the "Beatdown Biddies" into the "Toxic Twins." ("Candy of the Year")

She is in a lesbian relationship with Yolanda Rivas, but has doubts about her own adequacy.

The two of them eventually have a falling out when Arthie has trouble admitting her lesbian nature. Both are apart for many months, but begin to reconcile when Arthie admits the truth after receiving a rainbow headband as a Christmas present.